What Are The Key Components Of Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing

Internet marketing in Michigan is similar to internet marketing throughout the country. It is based on the same key components which have proven to be successful more than any other approach. These key components are often referred to as The Five C’s. Individually, they are Company Strategy, Customer Experience, Content Creation, Channel Promotions, and Check-back […]

What Does A Pro SEO Company Do?

Pro SEO Company

All online businesses need search engine optimization (SEO) to achieve a significant online presence and to increase traffic to the website. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t have an SEO expert in-house, which means that it’s necessary to hire a professional agency in order to get your website highly ranked for more traffic. If you’re not quite […]

Michigan Internet Marketing Firm Launches Lex Firm Website

As previously announced, the Lex Firm, PC knows how important it is to maintain a digital presence that is up-to-date with today’s best practices, and that’s why they chose Michigan Internet Marketing Firm, Aqaba Technologies, design the newest version of the company website. This new Bootstrap design, a responsive web design (RWD) that is mobile friendly […]

Future of MRPR Starts Now – Michigan Internet Marketing Agency

MRPR took a giant leap forward this month with the launch their newly designed website. As previously noted, MRPR retained Michigan Internet Marketing Agency, Aqaba Technologies, to provide a one of kind design and functionality. MRPR and Aqaba are proud to announce the new design of www.mrpr.com has done just that. See for yourself! What’s […]

Why is Attribution Important for Multi-Channel Marketing?

Multichannel marketing involves interacting with customers using both indirect and direct communication channels, such as websites, retail stores, mail-order catalogs, mobile, direct mail and email. This spurs customers to action, whether that means they purchase your product, sign up for your service, or just seek out more information — all via the communication channel they […]

Michigan Internet Marketing Agency Retained by Marc White Golf

Aqaba Technologies Signs on with Marc White Golf Sterling Heights, MI – November 2015 – Aqaba Technologies, a Michigan Internet marketing and web design agency, announced it has retained Marc White Golf as its newest client. The partnership was formed this month in an effort to design and develop a site refresh using Responsive Web […]