Choosing The Perfect Google Ads Agency For Your Business

Google Ads Agency

Before considering how to find the best Google Ads agency for your business, we should review a couple of assumptions. For instance, the reason you will need a Google Ads agency to manage your ad campaigns is that Google Ads is the number one pay-per-click advertising system in the world, and they’re in the first […]

Google Analytics Was Updated – Here’s What You Need To Know

Google Analytics

Millions of companies, big and small, rely on Google Analytics to understand customer preferences and create better experiences for them. But with the important changes in consumer behavior and the ones driven by privacy to industry standards, the current rhythm must change. To help you get a better ROI of your long-term marketing, Google’s team […]

Eight Changes That Can Boost Your Voice Search Rankings

Voice Search

The age of voice search is here to stay. With the proliferation of electronic personal assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa, and others, more and more people are using voice search by asking their electronic assistant questions.  Take advantage of these eight key insights you need to apply to your website to cater to this trend. […]

Our Professional SEO Company Checklist For E-commerce Stores

Professional SEO Company

We know as a Professional SEO Company that there’s no question that search engine optimization is crucial for any startup online store. Primarily because the better your website ranks, the more customers will be able to patronize the store and make purchases. To drive more traffic to your new online store, you’ll have to understand […]

Some of the Best Google Tools That You Can Use for Your Marketing Strategy

Google Tools

When we talk about Google tools, we have to understand that all marketing efforts ‘are centered around creating highly specific messages that are subsequently inserted into the right content. This content is then disseminated over a set of channels. This will, in turn, enable the messages’ outreach onto the target audience. There was a time […]

Google Ramps Up Analytics Security

Google has announced recently that it has heard your concerns, and has taken it to heart. It has made Google Analytics fully secure. Google is now will be, for all sites using Google Analytics, securing all traffic communications whether or not the site has an HTTPS. Why go through all this trouble? Google says that […]

The Launch of Google Analytics 360 Suite

Announching Google Analytics 360 Suite Google, on March 15, 2016, introduced the world to its newest package of data and marketing products, called Google Analytics 360 Suite. Google calls this “An enterprise-class solution for multi-screen world.” Our technologies have been advancing so quickly, as is the way we market to consumers, we analyze data across […]