Responsive Search Ads To Enhance Your Brand’s Reach

Responsive Search Ads

Responsive search ads are the default ad type used in Google Ads Pay-Per-Click search campaigns since February 2021. This is all part of Google’s increased emphasis on automating Google Ads, and according to the search engine giant, customers using these search ads will experience 10% more clicks and conversions than customers who are simply using […]

Google Ads Free Credit: Does Your Business Qualify?

Google Ads Free Credit

Earlier this year, Google announced that it would be giving away $340 million in Google Ads credits, as part of a larger $800 million relief package, designed to defray the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses. Small and medium-sized businesses would be theoretically eligible and will have until the last day of 2020 to […]

DeRosa Plastic Surgery Teams Up with Detroit Internet Marketing Agency

Detroit Internet Marketing Agency, Aqaba Technologies, announced the agency has been retained by DeRosa Plastic Surgery. Derosa, having previously worked with Aqaba Technologies for Web Design, knows Aqaba is the agency to take over their PPC (Pay-per-Click) campaign management efforts. The Marketing Strategy will help spread the word about DeRosa’s expert services. Dr. Amy DeRosa is […]

Ad-Ageddon? Google Search Engine Results Page Changes

Have you looked at Google’s search page lately? Who am I kidding? Of course, you have! In which case, you may have noticed something is missing. That’s right, the PPC ads on the right-hand side are gone. On Feb 24, Google rolled out the new page layout. Google officially only shows ads in the main, […]

AdWords Changes How Conversions are Defined

  On Thursday, September 10th, Google AdWords announced changes in the way Conversions are reported are being made.  “Starting mid-October 2015, you’ll be able to use the ‘Optimization’ setting for each of your conversion actions to determine whether their data should be included in ‘Conversions.’” What this means we can prioritize the conversion actions we bidding for. Rather […]