Optimizing your Holiday Ecommerce

It’s already a bit late in the game for planning your holiday ecommerce strategy, since that should probably have been done back in October or even earlier. The fact that the holiday season is always the biggest time of the year for retail sales makes it important that you do everything possible to maximize sales. […]

Leveraging Social Media Metrics to Enhance your Business

Leveraging metrics, especially when you leverage social media, is one of the best ways of growing your business and increasing sales. It can also be extremely beneficial for optimizing your social profiles, because the more accurate information you include there, the easier it will be for fans and followers to contact you. When the most […]

How Confident Are Marketing Business Leaders Going Into 2023?

In a time of economic uncertainty and looming recession, knowing which way to turn for advice can be tricky. You might feel afraid to take any kind of an action because small steps in either direction could have far-reaching consequences. It may be helpful to see how your marketing business stacks up against others in […]

Finding Value in a Long-Term Marketing Strategy

Often times many business owners don’t realize what can be gained by implementing a long-term marketing strategy. To create an effective long-term plan, you’ll need to create a comprehensive picture of how your marketing expenditures will be outlaid over the coming year. Your long-term strategy should include a yearly budget expressed in dollar amounts or […]

Boost Your Brand with Social Media this Holiday Season

It seems that each year, the holiday marketing season gets extended a little longer, and it starts a little sooner. Some businesses begin advertising their holiday offerings as soon as Halloween is over, rather than waiting until after Thanksgiving. Some other businesses have Pre-Black Friday sales to get an early start on the holiday sales […]

Google Business Profiles: Suspension Chaos

Just in time for Halloween, something spooky took place in the world of Google. As the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” but this didn’t seem to apply to Google Business Profiles (GBP) for several weeks over the past two months.   What happened? Very simply, a bug caused GBP suspensions to […]

Reaching Marketing ROI During a Recession

You might think the prudent move during a recession is to cut back on market spend and re-allocate those funds to the other soaring costs of doing business. According to the experts, and to a recently issued report from Analytic Partners (top dog in commercial analytics), just the opposite is true. While other companies are […]

Your Small Business and Web 3.0 Marketing

Your Small Business and Web 3.0 Marketing You won’t have to wait long for the changes brought about by Web 3.0 marketing – they’re already here. Whether you’ve been aware of it or not, the business landscape has already been altered because of Web 3.0 marketing, and those changes will become much more profound in […]

Metaverse Marketing Strategies That Your Company Needs

Metaverse Marketing

You can perceive the metaverse as a virtual world that exists in parallel to our own real world. It comprises multiple online areas where people can trade, shop, and engage with each other, and it serves as a kind of super-real alternative world. The metaverse is supported by many different technologies including augmented reality, virtual […]