How To Track Offline Business Conversions With Google

The importance of tracking conversions can hardly be over-stated, since this is where all your customers come from. You’ll always want to know whether your advertising and marketing initiatives are bearing fruit, and tracking conversions will tell you this. Without being mindful of which marketing strategies are the most successful, you’d literally be shooting in […]

Google Maps Marketing Tricks for Increased Local Business

Google Maps is much more than just software that helps you locate a specific destination, although that alone is a very noteworthy service in and of itself. Business people can use Google Maps to call much more attention to their businesses, because their business will show up on searches conducted by users who are looking […]

What is Things to do on Google? Unleash Local Search Beyond Boundaries!

Google’s “Things to Do”: A Game Changer for Advertisers and Local SEO Optimization In the dynamic, post-pandemic landscape of online travel research and booking, Google has introduced a groundbreaking feature that promises to revolutionize how travelers discover and engage with attractions, tours, and activities. This new feature, aptly named “Things to Do on Google,” is […]

The Power of AI in Marketing: Insights and Possibilities

Man standing on dark flooring with lights all around the room and an AI eye looks at him as he faces into it

In today’s dynamic marketing landscape, the influence of AI is undeniable. With approximately 80% of advertisers incorporating at least one AI-powered Search ads product, the impact of AI on the industry is palpable. Notably, research indicates that campaigns with AI-powered Video Reach blend on YouTube achieved an average return on ad spend that was 3.7 […]

Revolutionizing Design: Exploring Adobe Firefly’s Generative Fill and Text Prompt Features

Phone with Adobe Firefly generative AI and text image generator

In the ever-evolving landscape of creative software, Adobe has consistently stood at the forefront, providing tools that empower artists, designers, and creators to bring their visions to life. The unveiling of Adobe Firefly marks another significant leap forward, as it introduces groundbreaking generative AI features that promise to transform the way businesses approach design. With […]

How to Redefine Your Brand With Generative AI

vr headset, double exposure, metaverse, futuristic virtual world, state of consciousness, technology

First of all, we need to define generative AI, which is the main topic of this discussion, as well as how you can use it to adapt your business to the coming world of Artificial Intelligence. Generative AI has the capability to generate code, images, text, video, speech, and music, and all these can instantly […]

Optimizing Your Apple Maps Listing For Local Exposure

Apple Maps and Google Maps on the navigation system for Car

If you’ve been thinking that Google Maps is the only player in town, you may want to revisit that understanding. Apple Maps is used by more than 70 million individuals, often to find a local business. Optimizing your Apple Maps listing is therefore very important for any business owner who wishes to be easily located […]

The Content Marketing Funnel Explained

Content Marketing Funnel with three levels with digital marketing terms in the background

Establishing a Content Marketing Funnel You might have an established marketing strategy that has been somewhat successful in the past, and that has you thinking you should stand pat with it, and continue to reap the benefits. In truth, however, the most successful marketing strategies are those that are constantly evolving, to keep pace with […]

Business Doctor Launch: Website and Marketing

Business Doctor is a company that has helped thousands of customers in our home state of Michigan and beyond, manage their accounting and bookkeeping services. They take on many clients but have focused recently on providing services to doctors, attorneys, and architects. Aqaba Technologies partnered with Business Doctor to strategize and develop their web presence, […]

The Vulnerability That May Cause Google+ to Shut Down

Social networks make it easier for you to stay connected with your friends. You can keep them updated with your life events and share with them what you’re up to. However, the major issue with online platforms is that they create privacy concerns. Every few days, you may hear from your friends that their social […]