Common Errors To Avoid When Setting Up WordPress

Common Errors When Setting up Wordpress

WordPress, throughout the years, has evolved from being a simple blogging tool to a robust Content Management System (CMS). As a matter of fact, many of the top brands today use WordPress. And don’t forget, there are two versions of WordPress, one is a paid version ( ) and not self-hosted, the other and more […]

5 Ways Ignoring An SEO Strategy Could Affect Your Bottom Line

It may be possible to run a business in 2019 without doing search engine optimization, but doing so exposes you to risks and leaves money on the table, guaranteed. Anyone who has tried to make the case for investing in SEO to a client, boss, or colleague, will be all too familiar with the common […]

SEO Email Series #6 of 6, MCP Managed Care Plan

MCP (MANAGED CARE PLAN) This is the sixth of six emails that explains what steps we take on a monthly basis for our client. This topic covers the MCP (Managed Care Plan) service.  This is an optional service but comes highly recommended by Aqaba. It’s called our MCP (Managed Care Plan) which puts our client’s minds at […]

SEO Email Series #5 of 6: Client Dashboard

CLIENT DASHBOARD This is the fifth of six emails that explains what steps we take on a monthly basis for our SEO clients. This topic covers the Client Dashboard. Aqaba has set up a client dashboard customized for our SEO client. This portal allows the client to log into their account to get site metrics, […]

SEO Email Series #4 of 6: Monthly Reporting

MONTHLY REPORTING This is the fourth of six emails that explains what steps we take in a chronological order throughout each month. This topic covers the monthly reporting. Monthly reporting is key to our strategy. We continually raise the bar by the results of our previous month’s activities. If something is working, we ramp up; […]

SEO Email Series #3 of 6: SEO Technical Maintenance

SEO TECHNICAL MAINTENANCE This is the third email of six that explains what steps we take throughout each month. This topic covers the technical maintenance of your website. We are going to switch gears now and cover some of the technical aspects of maintaining your website. Another totally unrelated task to previous emails is maintaining or […]

SEO Email Series #2 of 6: Content Approval, Optimization, Posting and Syndication

CONTENT APPROVAL, OPTIMIZATION, POSTING, AND SYNDICATION After we write the content on the client’s behalf, we are ready to shift our attention to the posting of the content written. Who: some client participation and Aqaba. When: throughout the month Why: content is prepared and written to aid site ranking and authority metrics for the site. […]

SEO Email Series #1 of 6, Content Preparation and Staging

This will be the first of six emails that explains the steps we take to maintain and advance your website for SEO. Each email is used to describe the overall process, and the Who, When, and Why. This topic covers content preparation and staging. CONTENT PREPARATION AND STAGING Content is of the utmost importance, and […]

General Data Protection Policy (GDPR): Keep Your Google Analytics Safe

The countdown to the General Data Protection Policy (GDPR) is entering its final stretch (May 25, 2018 is just around the corner!). These updates affect your Google Analytics and will need your immediate attention, even if you are not in the European Economic Area (EEA). This article focuses on how the new retention period affects […]

How an SEO Agency Can Help Your Website Increase Organic Traffic

As an SEO agency working with clients in the Detroit area and beyond, we’re regularly asked about the importance of keyword rankings. How am I ranking for keyword xyz? How do I get ranked for keyword xyz? These questions are easy to answer but difficult to explain in the few minutes you have in a conversation. […]